Cost of living in Hanoi, Vietnam: My $350 apartment

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  1. Marta Krupinska says:

    Hi SyL, I recently found your videos on yotube (and then your website) and am totally enthusiastic about. You’re such a good teacher! I am a Polish woman and living in Berlin . I learn English for many years , but I still have problems with speaking . Your videos are very helpfull !! They are like a drug , I want to watch it and watch it again. I wish you a lot of fun in Hanoi . By the way , do you will continue the series ” the best way to learn english” or is it already finished ?
    best regards

    • Syl says:

      Hi Marta. I’m glad to hear my videos are like a drug (in a good way, I hope)! LOL. Thanks for the compliments. By the way, I’m not in Hanoi anymore. I’ll have to make a new video soon to update my viewers on what’s happening recently. As for the “best way” series, I do have a few more planned and I will try to make them soon!

  2. Haiyan Zhang says:

    Hi SYL, this is Penny, my English Name, from Beijing China. I love this types of video because it’s just what we really need to learn in English. You are doing a great job really. I just want to express my thanks here. Have a nice day.

  3. João Destro says:

    Very cool your apartment in Hanoi

  4. abdireshid mohammud says:

    just i want to say thank you. you are the best teacher, you are such kindly person. to help people. i i appreciated what you are diong for us. i hope you will countinue your videos.

  5. LeglessRover says:

    That was very interesting, thank you!!

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