How to make hotel reservations – English Conversation Lesson

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  1. krish says:


    Hotel reservation system is must need to hotel website owners. This video is say’s clear explanation for how reserve and booking every hotel. Really I like this video and very help me. Good work guys!!

  2. shibata says:

    Thank you for good materials for English learners.

    I have a question.

    >>Pierre: Yes we do. And for how many nights will that be?
    >>Syl: That’s four nights.

    Can you say ” That will be for four nights “?
    Pierre uses the future tense “will”. So I wonder if it’s better to use

    Thanks in advance.

    • adminslow28 says:

      Yes, you can say that too. One is not necessarily better than the other though. Very often, there’s more than one way to say something. And remember that when we speak naturally, we don’t always speak with ‘textbook’ grammar.

  3. arya roohi says:

    Amazing amazig Thannk you realy. Please keep on this job

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