Let’s meet for coffee in Southeast Asia!

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  1. chen zhou says:

    I just see your video on youtube, and I am a new one.When will you come to china? I woudl be very glad to see you in ChongQing, famous with hotpot. The food here is very delicious. My email is . If you come to China, please contact me.

    • Syl says:

      Hi Chen. China is not in my immediate plans but for sure, someday I will be going there too! Thanks for your email. I’ll be sure to contact you someday when I go! Thanks!

  2. Fabio Marinelli says:

    Hey Syl,
    I know, Italy is not “exactly” near Malaysia or Vietnam, but Venice was “the Orient Door” in the time of Marco Polo, so I hope you will be here sooner or later. Since that day I will improve my English! Don’t forget your European students!! 🙂
    Good Bye, teacher. Have a beautiful trip.

    • Syl says:

      Oh, I definitely plan to go to Europe too someday! I started with SEA because it’s considerably cheaper to live and travel until I can afford Europe. Italy is a place I won’t miss, for sure. I went to France years ago and I regret not visiting Italy while I was in the area!

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