The best way to learn English – Part 8 : Where to get good input

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  1. luises says:

    As usual, a great video to improve with the english language.

    But I have a little doubt Seal: to watch comedies or movies in english, do you recommend to use english subtitles or do you think is better with no subtitles?

    • adminslow28 says:

      It’s not a bad idea to use subtitles *sometimes*. But you have to be sure to focus on what they are saying too. It’s hard to do for a long time – reading and listening carefully. Most people, when they are reading the subtitles, they stop listening. They are either concentrating too hard on reading the subtitles and don’t have the brain power to listen at the same time, or they read the subtitles quickly and easily and don’t need to listen. I recommend that you do it occasionally but be sure to do a LOT of listening without subtitles if you can too.

  2. vj says:

    Hello everybody! Stupid question but… Where is the button to make a like ?! I started to watch Syl’s vidéos this week and I finished to watch this one and I really enjoyed all vidéos. I’m so motivated to improve my english. Please show me where is the likr button. Thanks a lot.

    • Syl says:

      Hi vj, thanks for the great comments. I’m happy to hear you like my videos.

      As for the like button, I never realized that there isn’t on when watching the videos here on the website! I’m glad you pointed this out. There are ‘share’ buttons, but no ‘like’ buttons. I am going to look into that and see if I can add one. (There is a like button for people who are watching on the youtube site but I want people to be able to watch the videos here too.)

  3. Trinh Anh Tuan says:

    i’m from vietnam! i ‘d like become master english. My english is not very well. Let me question:
    how much forum speaking English so I ‘m can learing English every day. eg: writing comment and discuss English . Thanks all.

    • Syl says:

      Hi Trinh. Thanks for the comment. The answer to your question is “as much as possible!”
      Get a LOT of input and try to express yourself as much and as often as you can. That is the best way. Every day if possible!

  4. Alexander Kojevnkov says:

    Dear Syl, today I “crawled” to your lesson №9 Thank you very much, I am inspiring to work hard by you lessons….


    Hi Syl, i’ m very pleased to be member of your english programme and I hope to learn more with you.
    Konan remi

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