The best way to learn English Part 9 : Living in English

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19 Responses

  1. Ganesh moorthy says:

    I want learn spoken english, i need your help and give me your suggestion please. Thank you .

  2. luises says:

    I like the ideas in the video. I will follow the advices to improve my english.

  3. Jp says:

    Thank you, i think your advices are very useful



  4. michel says:

    Hello, tanks you, your videos are interesting. I am a novice in english and I seek tools for learning the english.

  5. travelroge says:

    It’s a first time that understand completly a video.
    I ‘m motived to follow my English with you.
    Many thanks

  6. kate says:

    I love your videos. They are really helpful for me. I discovered your channel in youtube several days ago and I’m following to you since than. I’m future volunteer of international project in Hungary, which begins on October 1. So I need intensive courses in English. your videos really help me. After watching them I feel myself more motivated and confident. p.s. sorry for my mistakes. lol

  7. kate says:

    I get mad.I’m already talking in English in my dreams lol.

  8. joseph says:

    i cant laern english!!!!!!!!!!

  9. alvarezjsu says:

    i am happy to find this page.. thanks

  10. Caroline Liu says:

    Hi! Syl, I’m Caroline from Taiwan. I just registered to your member. I noticed your video about hotel English in youtube first and then I connect to this website. I’m glad to know your web page, you made so many great videos, which is clear and prctical for training my listening. I also really like the series of providing advices to learn English. To take English as a tool and “living it” is really a cool idea. I will try to do it and hope it do accelerate my English level. Thanks a lot!

  11. LeglessRover says:

    If I stop learning English, I’ll be unable to make a living. No joke. And yeah, English has become a large part of my daily life. I want to improve my English skills so much.
    Most of my friends and customers live in English speaking countries, and I need in strong English.
    I think Syl’s site is great. No doubt, I’m gonna visit this site every day.

  12. Sabina says:

    Hello,I have been studing english on my own for last year it’s not easy but with your videos and advices it’s getting better .I discovered your videos on youtube some weeks ago and then I decided to registered in this website.It’s really interesting and useful .Thanks

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